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Ever engaged and purpose-driven, to work for Connecting Care is to live by the Eden Alternative Philosophy while working against restrictive notions of ageism and outdated social norms and stigmas fuelling a harmful reality of isolation and marginalization. Always friendly and kind, warm, welcoming and sensitive, our highly educated and certified elite care and service providers are satisfactorily empowered and encouraged to not just listen and respond to the many desires of our residents, but to proactively and transparently address and challenge the critical needs of a mature audience demanding freedom and control, independence, and an array of opportunities for self-improvement in order to remain relevant and useful.

Whether we’re making a living or making a life, we all belong here. You belong here.

Join our growing community of skilled and essential professional service and holistic care providers today in the areas of nursing care, recreation, property management, foodservice, custodial, maintenance, housekeeping, HR, accounting, marketing and more.

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