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About Connecting Care

Our journey began in 2000 with a vision to transform senior living experiences in Western Canada.

We saw a need for older adult care both in the rural communities we grew up in, and we also saw a need for a greater level of connection and compassion for senior community residents.  We embarked on a mission to create supportive living communities rooted in rural values, and that’s when we discovered The Eden Alternative™ philosophy. The Eden Alternative™ fully encompassed our company values and ideals, and allowed us to grow our business and fulfill our dreams of providing seniors with person-centered care that combats loneliness and increases joy.

Our Growth Story

From our humble beginnings in Rural Alberta Points West Living Lloydminster, we expanded our footprint throughout rural and urban Alberta, reaching into the provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Originally focusing on hospitality services, our evolution has seen us embrace a full scope of operations, encompassing food services, recreation, and personalized care. Over the years, our commitment to building resident directed communities has been unwavering. We now have over 1800 employees across Western Canada, with close to 3000 suites for seniors. We remain steadfast in our commitment to serving rural communities, over 80% of our business is rural, and we’ve pioneered Designated Supportive Living (DSL) initiatives in many Albertan rural communities.

With over 20 years of senior living operations experience, our expertise includes finance, human resources and labour relations, culinary services, hospitality, clinical services, and continuous quality improvement. We advocate to governmental bodies to support and redefine senior living as well as ensure there is consistent funding and innovation in our field. At Connecting Care, we address the profound issues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom among seniors, creating an environment that fosters meaningful connections and purpose. We’ve accomplished many of our goals in serving rural and urban communities, providing aging adults with the care they need, and ensuring that everyone we work with, whether it’s our team members, family members, or residents, finds meaning and connection.

What We Stand For

Our mission is clear: Building Resident Directed Communities.

At Connecting Care, our mission goes beyond the provision of senior care – we are dedicated to building resident directed communities that redefine the standard for supportive living. Our commitment to this mission is grounded in a deep understanding of the unique qualities and needs of each individual.

What "Resident Directed" Means to Us

Holistic Well-being:

We consider the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. We strive to create an environment that promotes not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being.

Individual Empowerment:

We believe in empowering each resident to lead a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Meaningful Connections:

We foster an atmosphere where meaningful connections between residents, employee care partners, and the broader community. These connections are not just encouraged but essential.

Resident Involvement:

The community is our resident’s home, we seek their input and feedback to ensure we are creating the best possible environment and experiences.

Dignity and Respect:

We understand that each individual has a lifetime of experiences, and we honor those experiences in every interaction.

Adaptability and Flexibility:

Recognizing that each person's journey and preferences are unique, we prioritize adaptability and flexibility in our approach to resident services.

In essence, “Building Resident Directed Communities” is not just a mission statement for us – it’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our operations. We are dedicated to creating spaces where residents thrive, finding purpose, joy, and a true sense of home within the fabric of our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Western Canada’s Best Supportive Living Community Operator

Our values can be seen in our mission and vision. Guided by the values of The Eden Alternative™ philosophy, at Connecting Care, the principles of individuality, dignity, knowledge, and hospitality truly encapsulate who we are.

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We celebrate the unique qualities each person brings to our community, strengthening our daily interactions.


Every person we encounter is deserving of honour and respect.


We believe in the power of education and experience to make sound decisions that uphold the highest standards in our community.


Creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who enters our community is at the heart of our values.

Everything we are and stand for stems from our foundation – our rural roots.

Being community-minded, fostering personal connections, being supportive, and building communities centered around individuals all stems from the interpersonal relationships and strong community ties you find within rural communities across Canada. This focus on being good neighbours, never standing alone and turning to each other for strength has allowed us to grow in ways we never imagined. We thrive on cultivating relationships and local partnerships that enhance the well-being of our residents.


We proudly hold CARF Accreditation since 2021, ensuring the highest standards of quality and care.

Our commitment to safety and excellence is exemplified through our COR certification. And for three years in a row (2020-2023), we’ve been acknowledged during Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month as a Great Employer.

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