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Championing Senior Care Excellence

At Connecting Care, our commitment to advocating for a better quality of life for seniors transcends the confines of the communities we manage. It involves actively engaging with government bodies to shape and advance regulatory requirements that promote enhanced quality care for seniors across various levels of care. By advocating to funding bodies, we tirelessly work to ensure ample financial support for senior care, recognizing that adequate resources are pivotal in fostering environments that prioritize the well-being and dignity of seniors. Connecting Care serves as dedicated advocates, striving to create a future where every senior, irrespective of the community they reside in, experiences the highest standards of care, respect, and an enriched quality of life.

We actively engage in various associations and committees, ensuring that the voice of those we serve and communities is heard at the highest levels.

Connecting Care is a proud member of the Alberta Seniors and Community Housing Association (ASCHA), as well as the Alberta Seniors Housing Association. Through our representation in these influential groups, we champion issues and collaboratively develop solutions for enhancing the seniors congregate housing system. Our involvement underscores our dedication to shaping positive changes in the landscape of senior care.

As staunch advocates for continuing care improvement, Connecting Care holds membership on key Ministry of Health committees, including the Funding Advice Committee, the Continuing Care Alliance, and the Human Resources Committee. These platforms enable us to contribute to vital discussions, influence policy decisions, and drive positive change in the broader healthcare landscape.

Our commitment to advocacy extends to direct engagement with governmental leaders. Connecting Care leadership actively meets with the Minister of Health and the Minister of Seniors, Community & Social Services to advocate for systemic changes that enhance the quality and accessibility of continuing care. These interactions reflect our dedication to being catalysts for positive transformation in the senior care ecosystem.

Maintaining strong relationships with Alberta Health Services zonal leadership is fundamental to our advocacy efforts. Regular meetings ensure a collaborative approach to addressing issues and implementing solutions that optimize care and services for residents in our communities.

Connecting Care works to maintain a comprehensive understanding of legislative, policy, and operational standard changes within the continuing care system. This enables us to align our operations seamlessly, ensuring that our communities consistently meet and exceed evolving standards.

As advocates for community-centric senior care, Connecting Care actively seeks new opportunities for expansion. Whether through bed conversions, responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for new services, or adapting to changing resident needs, we remain proactive in ensuring our communities provide optimal care and support for older adults.

In every aspect of our operations, Connecting Care remains unwavering in our advocacy efforts, dedicated to shaping a future where senior care is characterized by excellence, responsiveness, and continuous improvement.

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