For Sound Investments

Powered by over 1,500 leading employee care partners supporting over 3,000 residents in 30 communities across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, at Connecting Care we are bound to the lessons taught by the people of the past, and led by the technological innovations of the future when preparing for all the stages of life to come. As visionary planners, skillful designers, compassionate managers, and caring operators of optimal, yet affordable heart and people-centric communities for seniors, we are honoured and obliged to promote sound investments; maintaining a caring connection to the choices and voices, and the will and wisdom of our elders; ensuring not just the heightening of their quality of life, but also the realization of the vision and interests of our many business and investment partners in the process.

It is our responsibility to foster and support the ability of our residents to not just live, but to thrive…and to aid in the pursuit of their passions and chosen lifestyles of convenience with boundless excitement. These are matters of the heart, and we openly and confidently support and enable long-term investment in our seniors because we are knowledgeable enough to recognize their wisdom in the conviction that a person’s “golden” years can also be their “wonder” years through the preservation of dignity, honour, respect, variety and freedom of choice.

Guided by the steadfast principles of the Eden Alternative Philosophy, each Connecting Care Partner, Team Member, and Exceptional Care Provider proudly shares our core values promoting:


We recognize each person as being distinct, and encourage our communities to value the qualities we each bring to strengthen our daily interactions.


We recognize that each person we encounter is worthy of our honour and respect.


We recognize that education and experience are the building blocks of knowledge. With these tools, we believe sound decisions will be made to ensure we deliver the highest standards in our communities.


We recognize the importance of making everyone who enters into our communities feel warmly welcomed and esteemed.